The other side of our work is with the candidates themselves and how to support them to find the perfect job for their skills and ambition. This can often be beyond the scope of typical accounting or finance roles they consider for themselves, as our knowledge of the whole landscape can often shine a light on a path the candidate hadn’t considered.

It all comes from gaining a real understanding of the person –and not just their qualifications and job history. We spend time with candidates to identify their day-to-day experiences, the kind of work they like to do and the sorts of clients they work with. We also discuss their ambitions, the opportunities they have outside of their current career ladder, and the culture and personality of companies that will match with their own.

And our work doesn’t stop when we find them a job. We remain connected to candidates throughout their careers, supporting them to find future accounting or finance roles that help them flourish as they change their interests, priorities, experience and skills at work. Think of us as how you would a sports agent, and you’ll get the picture of just how close we keep our people network.