Job seekers coaching and training

Our recruiting services don’t mean simply finding candidates to fill a role, we also offer our guidance and expertise to help people maximise their potential success when looking to apply for a specific new job, or planning more widely for the next step in their career.

Our job coaching and training specialists have more than 30 years’ experience recruiting and supporting candidates, helping them to make the most of their skills and qualifications to secure the perfect role for them personally and professionally. This support ranges from interview technique training and one-on-one work to bring out the best of their abilities and experience, to ensuring their digital presence is working effectively right across their CV, social media profiles and job site accounts.

This service is open to everyone from college leavers to Finance Directors and Partners, as our advice is always unique and customised to each individual, as well as their short and long-term career aims.

A popular part of this service is our five-step job seekers bootcamp, which covers everything you need to get yourself in shape for your next move.

The bootcamp includes:

Our bootcamp service is perfect for you if you tick any of these boxes:

  • You’re looking for your first role in the accounting and finance sector
  • You’re looking to transition to a more senior position
  • You’re between roles and can’t get enough traction in the job market
  • Your CV is not being considered for roles
  • You’re not getting enough calls and emails from recruiters
  • LinkedIn is not working for you
  • You struggle at interviews, despite your hard work to prepare

To find out more about how to maximise your potential opportunities, make the most of your abilities in interviews and applications, and find success in your job search, our coaching experts would be happy to help. Call us for a FREE one hour call to see whether we can help you or not.

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