We’re currently working with a number of businesses across the media and entertainment sector, providing introductions to some highly-skilled candidates for internal accountancy and financial roles.

These are often not typical jobs, which is where our experience makes a real difference. An accountancy role in the media and entertainment industry can mean handling everything from income and payments, to taxes and contracts, entirely differently to the corporate world and often with a time sensitivity around production schedules too. 

Our ability to find the right person with the right expertise to hit the spot in these positions comes from our understanding of the nuances of the media sector and which skills and knowledge a prospective accounting hire needs to have for different types of roles. It’s often essential that the person can hit the ground running too, which is an important consideration. 

Whether candidates need to know how to manage longer ‘work in progress’ projects, bid and tender work, or the complicated issues of royalties, multi-currency payments and delayed income, our expertise in the media industry means we can introduce experienced people that we know can truly do the job for our client.