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So, are job seekers better prepared for the 2023 job market than before 2020 and the lockdown?

Updated: 5th February 2024

So, are job seekers better prepared for the 2023 job market than before 2020 and the lockdown?

From what we have seen in the last couple of months, NO.

It is really dispiriting to see the same poor, ineffective behaviour from job seekers on LinkedIn and job boards that has always been there. From CV to job board to LinkedIn to engagement with recruiters – We are back to bad.

In our opinion, although the 2022 job market began with a buzz and all the indicators were good, many jobs job seekers acquired in 2021 may well be recycled in 2022, and the forecasts for 2023 do not look encouraging. Candidates may choose to move on to a better role and businesses may further reorganise and rejig their workforce. The economic signs are not healthy, and job seekers or dormant job seekers looking to transition, need to be looking at how they look on LinkedIn and job boards. Our top advice is:

Job boards
Keep your CV updated on your job boards, and ensure you are in the right place to be offered new opportunities. Your profile should be effective and optimised. Take calls when they arrive.

Keep them close to you. If you now know the major players in your field, keep communication open. You may need them soon. Always take their calls, InMails, and engage. Ensure you are on their CRM!

Keep your profile alive and vibrant. There is a lack of real talent in some areas, and we are using LinkedIn more and more as a way of contacting dormant and available candidates. Ensure you will be found!

Knowledge is king

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