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Beyond the Beancounter: How This Finance Whiz Became a Media & Tech Recruitment Guru

Forget the stereotype! Meet Jim Knott, our Head of Media, Creative & Tech, who brings a refreshing blend of financial savvy and a passion for the creative industries. Intrigued? Discover his unique path, recruitment philosophies, and how he navigates the art of matching talent with the perfect opportunity

Updated: 19th June 2024

Forget the stereotypical recruiter. Jim Knott, our Head of Media, Creative & Tech, brings a refreshing blend of financial savvy and a love for the creative industries to his role. This interview delves into his career path, recruitment philosophies, and the art of matching talent with the perfect opportunity.

His journey began in accounting, where he developed skills that now empower him as a recruiter. Understanding financial structures allows him to have insightful conversations with clients, truly grasping their needs and frustrations. This background also translates to a deep understanding of the finance roles his team fills.

Jim said “We work with some really cool businesses such as TV & Film Studios, Record Labels, Creative Agencies, Talent Management Companies, and a range of disruptive Tech Startups, and my team looks after all sorts of positions for these clients, from senior finance leadership roles to admin & support staff, creatives, HR etc. I oversee a team of senior & junior recruitment consultants and am responsible for growing our client base, ensuring our processes are as effective & efficient as possible, and generally steering the ship to make sure we are all pushing ourselves and having fun while doing it!”

His heart clearly beats for the vibrant world of media, entertainment and tech, and his prior experience working with musicians and entertainment companies fuels his passion for these sectors. He has gained a nuanced understanding of their unique cultures and talent requirements and his philosophy permeates his team's approach, leading to long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. The number of returning candidates speaks volumes about Jim's focus on finding the right fit, not just the quickest placement.

We asked Jim how he approaches interactions with both clients and candidates to ensure a positive and successful recruitment process? In answer he said “I always like to be as personable and as ‘human’ as possible, especially in the current age of people using ChatGPT to write emails & posts. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of being too formal in the hopes of appearing professional, but actually in my experience the good recruiters are the ones who are able to relax and be themselves with both candidates and clients. This really helps build genuine rapport and enable s you to become a trusted advisor. My longest standing clients also often lean on me for my opinion on which candidate is the best fit for them when they are struggling to decide between multiple strong interviewees, and this is where we can start to add real value as a recruitment partner. Many of the candidates we have placed have come back to us years later to secure their next move and I think this is testament to the way we build relationships with them—we have a genuine interest in matching candidates with the right employers and aren’t just looking for the quickest win”.

Jim's team also boasts expertise in high-growth tech startups, making them a valuable asset for companies seeking top financial talent to navigate fundraising or venture capital environments and as a close-knit team, he likes everyone to be aware of what’s going on within the team so that there are no missed opportunities for crossovers. They have regular team meetings and it is very much an open forum where ideas are welcomed. He likes to let his team work autonomously without micro-managing, but ensures he is always on hand to offer advice and chip in with ideas and admits he can’t resist the opportunity to jump back on the tools when someone needs a helping hand!

He measures his success through growth, innovation, and team development, striving to make Taylor Hawkes the leading recruitment firm for media, creative, and tech businesses across the UK and US and advises aspiring recruiters is to be proactive, develop expertise, and embrace a learning mindset., encouraging them to take risks and not overthink things.

If you have a position you would like to fill or are looking for a new opportunity, reach out to Jim and his team at: 



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