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Harris and Trotter Digital Assets, a leading London-based cryptocurrency accounting firm, just secured a massive $10 million in strategic funding!

The Harris and Trotter Digital Asset executive team draws on a wealth of experience from alums at major accountancy firms, including PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, EY, and BDO. The entire team totals over 45 members.

Updated: 30th April 2024

Liam Hayes, Director & Taylor Hawkes said: “We are very happy to have assisted with the incredible growth of Harris & Trotters Digital Asset department as their recruitment partner. They have attracted some phenomenal talent solely from the Big 4 and BDO, and for people to commit to leaving, what some would consider the pinnacle of practice, to join H&T DA is a big statement from the firm. They have offered progression that would struggle to be rivalled, and a major case study for that is the fact that they have promoted three Partners recently, all of whom we introduced as newly qualified Seniors within the last 2 years. This investment is a huge win for the entire Web3 space, and I'm excited to see what Harris & Trotter achieves next!”

This exciting investment will fuel their continued growth and development of cutting-edge technology to solve the unique accounting challenges of the Web3 world. With the backing of industry giants like Orbs, Kingsway Capital, and RE7 Capital, Harris and Trotter is poised to become an even bigger player in the crypto space, offering best-in-class services to their impressive roster of 500+ clients. This is fantastic news for the entire Web3 community, paving the way for a more secure and transparent financial future!

Nicholas Newman, CEO said "Harris & Trotter Digital Assets Ltd has grown exponentially since it’s launch 2 years ago, this expansion is delivered by best-in-class technology and by attracting the very best accountants & auditors from around the world. Our relationship with Taylor Hawkes, which was cemented upon our launch, has been a key driver behind the sourcing of this talent, delivering the best of the best auditors & accountants driving rapid growth".

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