Prepare For The Elephant In The Room Question

Prepare for the Elephant on your job application and do not be caught out at interview! Don’t ignore this, your Elephant could haunt you for the rest of your career but don’t feel afraid, everyone has one!

Updated: 5th February 2024

Manage the Elephant from the CV onwards

Prepare prepare prepare. Expect to be asked - interviewers can smell the Elephant even if they can't see it. It doesn't matter if it is fair or not. You will be asked. So prepare prepare prepare.

What is your Elephant? Feel free to discuss. Most can be swotted away. Some however, linger from CV to cover letter and then interview. Manage your Elephant from source and negate the negativity. Deal with it for once and for all.

What’s the interview question you dread most?
Question / Answer (in your head and the reality)
Why did you leave your job?     
I was fired/asked to resign but I don’t want to tell you that.
Tell me about this gap?     
I was unemployed for several months but can’t admit to that.
Why are you changing roles/location/sectors?   
Because I can no longer nail a job in my sector and will try anything.
What salary do you want?             
Anything above what I earn as I know my job is at risk.
Why do you want this job?     
(Because my job is coming to the end of its time, and I am desperate for anything.
Why did you fail those exams?        
Because I didn’t and still don’t really like Accountancy.

Everyone has at least one interview question they find difficult to answer. That’s where we come in. We can help you reduce the size of the Elephant in the room.

Lying doesn’t help. Telling the truth doesn’t help. Talking convincingly around the topic to take the interviewer off the scent and emphasising your positivity and enthusiasm does.  You could be a great employee of theirs for several years as there are things on your CV that stand out to them. Focus on answering those questions well and be prepared for the Elephant to be rolled out…

Knowledge is king

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