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Unveiling The Mastermind Behind Your Next Accounting Move: Meet Neil, Your Recruitment Guru

The world of accounting and finance is a whirlwind of opportunities and navigating it solo can be daunting. That's where Neil steps in - your personal guide to the perfect career match.

Updated: 9th April 2024

Forget the outdated image of a pushy recruiter. Neil brings a refreshing blend of experience and passion to the table. With a diverse background that stretches beyond finance and recruitment, Neil possesses a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

But within the realm of recruitment, he excels in connecting accounting professionals with their dream jobs. From Staff Accountants all the way up to Directors and Partners, he has a knack for understanding both the intricacies of the accounting field and the aspirations of the talent within it, as well as building relationships with large accounting firms in order to understand their business and culture from the inside out and to carry out targeted searches for specific open roles.

Challenges are inevitable, but Neil thrives on them. Time management is key, and he has honed a system through trial and error, constantly learning and adapting. The secret ingredient? Open and honest communication – both with clients and candidates. Technology may not be his forte, but collaboration is, the job moves too fast to be insular. At Taylor Hawkes, teamwork is paramount. Sharing insights, brainstorming ideas, and celebrating successes together create a dynamic environment where everyone feels valued.

What truly sets Neil apart is the ability to listen. In a world of quick pitches and empty promises, genuine connection is a breath of fresh air. He takes the time to truly understand your needs and goals, ensuring a placement that's not just a job, but a career stepping stone. Don't just take our word for it. Here's what others are saying:

Neil was incredible when I was looking for a new position. I not only valued his input and opinion but truly knew he cared about what was best for me and not just throwing me into a position to try and make a commission. This was an extremely nerve wracking process for me, but Neil took the time to get to know me well enough he could tell how an interview went just based on the tone of my voice. I could tell he also had spent time getting to know the companies I was interviewing with as he was able to give me insight into what they were looking for and help give me confidence going into interviews. He provided me realistic expectation and had all the patience in the world with my little anxious heart. I cannot say enough good or positive things about my job hunting experience with Neil and whole heartedly recommend him for anyone looking for their next move. I’m extremely happy in my position but should I decide to make a change, Neil will absolutely be who I go with! Thinking about a career move in accounting and finance? Neil is here to guide you.

Meg Mayton, Accountant

For aspiring recruiters, Neil advises:

  • Leadership Matters: Choose a firm that inspires you, one that invests in training and fosters a positive culture.
  • Find Your Niche: Specialise in a sector you're passionate about. It adds depth and authenticity to your approach.
  • Hard Work & Consistency: Put in the effort, stay focused, and success will follow.

Ready to unlock your potential? Connect with Neil today and embark on a rewarding career journey together.

neilusa@taylorhawkes.com  |  LinkedIn

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